About Libbys

Our Family History

Founded in 1875 as a canned meat company, Libby’s expanded to canned fruits and vegetables in the 1880s. Since 1982, Seneca Foods Corporation has distributed Libby’s canned fruits and vegetables, and, beginning in 2010, Tequesta Foods, LLC has distributed Libby’s nectars and juices.

Libby’s is amongst the world’s leading brands. With a myriad of products and sizes, it offers one of the industry’s most complete lines of canned vegetables, including organic, gourmet, and frozen, canned fruits, premium nectars, and delicious juices, among others. Household staples such as corn, fruit cocktail and mango nectar are among our most popular products.

Our Process

Libby’s products from LIA are primarily produced or distributed by Seneca Foods Corporation and Tequesta Foods, LLC. For years, Seneca and Tequesta have made significant investments in facilities and technologies to enhance manufacturing processes and guarantee premium quality. In addition, state-of-the-art quality control measures are continuously implemented to assure that the consumer receives that signature Libby’s quality.

Our Quality

Our vegetables and fruits are harvested and packed at their peak of flavor and ripeness for the taste everyone loves. From Whole Kernel Corn and Apricots to Mixed Vegetables and Fruit Cocktail, our products are unmatched in quality, taste, and value!

Furthermore, the tradition of our nectars and juices stems back all the way to the early 1900's. The authentic flavor of our nectars and juices will provide you and your family a wonderful experience which you will surely enjoy!